A Shoutout From Atlanta

Stu and Janna Zonder were delighted to be profiled on Shoutout Atlanta, a digital magazine devoted to promoting entrepreneurs. If you'd like to learn a little more about their background and musical journey together, click on the photo.

They Call Me Stukulele

Stu Zonder's article on the joys of ukulele. Published in Nu?Detroit, a digital platform for diverse, dynamic writing about and relevant to Jewish Detroit.

Click on Stu MaGuru's photo to read the article.

They found their passion as musician and author.  An interview with "Hey Boomer"

Stu and Janna Zonder found each other over 40 years ago. Stu found his calling in 1976 when he began teaching guitar lessons. Janna was an actor when she met Stu as his guitar student, and she has since become a published author.

Interviewed by Elie Morris on "What's Real In Real Estate."

Many thanks to Elie Morris for inviting us to be interviewed on his live-stream show - "What's Real In Real Estate." We had a great time.
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