What's included in the Senior Class Song List?

Lesson 1 – “12th Street Rag” – Starting the Senior Session with a bang! This high energy ragtime instrumental is both challenging and delightful to play. In the style of Scott Joplin, this is ukulele gold.

Lesson 2 – “Michelle” – One of the Beatles more tender tunes, “Michelle” was made for the ukulele. Complete with the evocative instrumental horn break, this is a wonderful piece.

Lesson 3 – “Andante” – A little Mozart? Classical music translates perfectly on our ukuleles. This lovely piece originally written for harpsicord sounds great on the uke.

Lesson 4 – “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” – It’s time for a little psychedelic ukulele, don’t you think? This Beatles tune from Sgt. Peppers is a blast to play. Written so two can play it together. Groovy baby!

Lesson 5 – “Soul Man” – Really? Oh yeah – This fantastic R&B tune from Sam and Dave sounds terrific on the uke. All the classic licks are included. You’ll think you were from Philly when you get into this one.

Lesson 6 – “Girl From Ipanema” – We will enter the wonderful world of Brazilian Samba Music with “Girl From Ipanema.” New rhythms, chords and changes. Great song.

Lesson 7 – “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover” – The memorable chorus of this Paul Simon song is straight forward, and the verses are clever, both lyrically and musically. Super on the uke!

Lesson 8 – “When I’m 64” – A smart arrangement makes this playful Beatles song challenging and satisfying to play. A real show piece when you get it down.

Lesson 9 – “No Name Rag” – This is a challenging rag that I have put together. To be honest, I have heard this somewhere, but can’t find the name, so I’ve named it No Name Rag. This is an excellent instrumental that will challenge and delight.

Lesson 10 – “Harvest Moon” – This clever Neil Young tune is lovely on the ukulele. Trading chords up and down the neck makes this fun and full of essential information and technique.

Lesson 11 – “Take Five” – This Dave Brubeck jazz staple from the Bebop era translates to a delightfully challenging ukulele piece. Embracing both the piano and saxophone parts, this is an attention grabber, and a blast to play.

Lesson 12 – “Here Comes The Sun” – What needs to be said about this one? One of the most recognizable guitar riffs is now also a great ukulele riff. A masterpiece by George Harrison and The Beatles.

Lesson 13 – “Chattanooga Choo Choo” – A fabulous throwback to the days of “The Greatest Generation.” Lots of sophisticated changes and barre chords on this unforgettable Glenn Miller song.

Lesson 14 – ‘My Girl” – Detroit’s own Temptin’ Temptations classic soul tune translates to a very appealing ukulele piece. Combining the iconic bass line with the chording is fun and challenging.

Lesson 15 – “Both Sides Now” (Instrumental) – A lovely instrumental arrangement of an absolute masterpiece by Joni Mitchell. I love this one, and I’m confident you will, too.

Lesson 16 – “America” – Another new finger picking pattern for this gorgeous Simon & Garfunkel number. Exquisite lyrically and melodically.

Lesson 17 – “Johnny B. Goode” – Chuck Berry’s most famous number, complete with note-for-note leads, make this one a “must play” for all advanced players.

Lesson 18 – “Sympatique” - Un peu de français? This lovely French ballad is sensational on the ukulele. Complete with French lyrics, it will raise your “cool factor” when you play it.

Lesson 19 – “Summertime” – George Gershwin meets Janis Joplin in this special arrangement of the immortal Porgy & Bess song. Great finger picking tune with beautiful instrumental break in the middle.

Lesson 20 – “Danny Boy” – Strumming and finger picking are interchangeable in this classic Irish ballad. A tasty way to conclude the String Along With Stu curriculum.
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