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We are launching on June 15th in . . . 

Have you hit the wall as a player? Are you a beginner and a little intimidated about learning to play? Do you dream of being "that person" at the party?

Look no further. You have arrived at The Stuniversity! Professor Stu has put together a curriculum based on his many years of playing and teaching stringed instruments. Once you enroll in "Stu's College of Musical Knowledge," you will have access to his carefully crafted program that will help you become the player you've always dreamed of being. 

You will learn technique through songs. Your skills will grow as your repertoire expands, and soon you will be playing folk, classic rock, soul, country, bluegrass, reggae, and standards! Whether your goal is to perform professionally, to lead sing-a-longs with friends, or just to play for your own pleasure, you will find the skills you need here at String Along With Stu.

Join us on June 15th at 7:00 pm EST for our Livestream Grand Opening Celebration. It's going to be fun! Leave your email for updates and to be automatically entered into our drawing for a beautiful new Kala ukulele. 

Hope to see you soon in the Stuniverse!

A few words & 🎵 đźŽ¶ from Professor Stu!

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Enter your Name and Email = 1 Ticket.
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The Unique "Stunami" Method Makes Learning Fun!

 Stu makes every lesson exciting. He carefully teaches each song with patience, kindness, and joy. Each lesson, he brings in a more challenging piece, which has both really improved my abilities and made me a more confident player as time goes on. In just a year, I've gone from barely knowing a couple of chords to being able to play complex songs I love, and even write some of my own. 

Ali - San Diego, CA

Stu is a GREAT ukulele teacher. He has taught me so much. He’s friendly, easy to work with, and a total wiz on the uke. Best of all, he makes very lovely arrangements of the familiar tunes I know and love. His sweet chording, and his tasteful riffs are such a pleasure to play. It’s hard to imagine a better ukulele teacher.

David - Atlanta, GA

Stu Zonder is a gentle and encouraging teacher! He made me feel at ease right away, and his particular method of teaching makes it easy to learn to play. In fact, he had me playing  several songs right away; it was amazing! I look forward to our lessons, and I am excited about my growing proficiency thanks to Stu!

Sherry - Little Switzerland, NC

Here's a fun duet of Stu and Janna demonstrating Dueling Banjos. You'll be able to play this sooner than you think!

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